Paradise Makeup AQ Palettes
Paradise Makeup AQ Palettes
Product Name: Paradise Makeup AQ Palettes
Category: Clown Makeup
Price: $ 34.99
Attributes: Color:


Paradise Makeup AQ is a moist, semi-soft cake makeup which features vibrant colors that dry quickly with minimal rub-off. They are easily removed with soap and water. This makeup is safe and gentle on the skin. These palettes have a large mirror and include a brush for application. Three color selections: Basic which includes Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Orange and Brown. Tropical includes Lagoon Blue, Storm Cloud, Beach Berry, Amazon Green, Lime, Coral, Mango and Wild Orchid. Pastel includes Lt Pink, Lt Green, Lt Brown, Lt Blue, Dk Pink, Purple, Teal and Violet. Nuance includes Mauve, Sky, Foxy, Olive, Felou, Deep Sea, Porto and Dijon.

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